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Covid-19 or Coward-19 - Movingtrend

17 Apr, 2020 1351 0
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Covid-19 or Coward-19 - Movingtrend

Nobody knew that at the last of 2019, there will be a novel killer for the human beings. And this creature that is not seen by the human eye will lockdown the whole world within few months. Yeah new killer, a novel virus silently erupted and infected millions and killed thousands. Surely; you are welcome Covid-19 and Coward-19 – pandemic across the World.

Good time to introduce yourself as a new brand for death. A virus smaller than thousandth part of the eyelash put the whole world in a deadlock. And the more ironic is that creature can’t be seen and needs a host for a survival. By the way there was no dearth of deaths brand all over the World. Deaths by air Pollution, Deaths by HIV, Deaths by Ebola, Deaths by lack of proper nutrition, deaths by tension, deaths by depression, deaths by war, deaths for survival, deaths for property, deaths for ego, deaths for lands and others and now by Coronavirus called Covid-19.  The good side of this coronavirus is that all the death has been stopped or restricted by the lockdown.

Coronavirus is not region confined, and also it never differentiated which country is developed and which is developing. It is in deserts, in mountains, in plains, in hot and cold areas. It started and transmitted among the developed people and among the developing people equally, it means it likes equality which the women of 21st century needs. (kia brabri hn)

This virus is very neutral to infect the human beings as it has no religion plus dislike the secularist as well. It is equally distributed. It affects the all religions and continuously hovering at the doors of houses.

This virus proves catastrophe for the economics as the Exchange markets all over the world has been crashed. Salaried class suffered and looks difficult to maintain the livelihoods. With empty pockets how would you feel?

As the lockdown panic people; there is blessing lie in lockdown as the quality time has been spent with family. Enjoying indoors activities and home cooking, it is also developing a good habit to clean hands again and again with sanitizer. (Sfai nisf iman hn)

It also provides the pollution free air for breathing, after a long period of pollution. Nature is enjoying the company of chirping birds. As the sky is free from the planes, so the natural planes (Birds) reclaim the sky.

There is no exact clue for the virus where it begins? From the wet market of China? Is it a Lab virus? It lives in conspiracy. it is alive and transmitted among people irrelevant to their racism ideology and kill being anonymous to their changed living standards.

No vaccine has been available that works against this virus. Currently there is only one method to develop the vaccine and that is ‘Plug and Play’. Coronavirus is giving a message to the whole world with all its medical expertise, tech revolution, and evolved civilization.

“Wait a minute. Who are You? Coward-19!!!”




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