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Save WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos on Android Smartphones - Movingtrend

20 Nov, 2019 1846 0
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Save WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos on Android Smartphones - Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

 WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging service throughout the World. It was an app that is only use for chat before a couple of years ago, now WhatsApp used a feature named WhatsApp Status. Using this feature People can share Videos and Photos like Snaphchat and Instagram stories. 

User Needs File Manager app to Save WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp added a feature called WhatsApp Status that is exactly the same to SnapChat and Instagram Stories, where you can share the stories get removed after 24 hours. Users can create there WhatsApp status and to view the others status by going to the Status tab on WhatsApp.  On other hand if you want to save the status of someone's else on an Android samartphone; simply you need to follow these steps.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos on Android

Users need a file Manager of their own choice on Android smartphone phones. But to keep things simple, we used the Google Files app that is free and you can easily download and install it through Google Play. Let's start:

1. Open Google Files App on your Android smartphone, and click on the Hamburger icon on the top-left side of the app and then tap Settings.

2. On the very next screen, enable Show Hidden Files.

3. From then on, go back to apps main menu and tap Internal Storage.

4. From onward go to the WhatsApp folder > Media > 'Statuses.'

5. Now finally to save Photo or videos of WhatsApp , long Press on it and tap Copy. Now past the file in any folder of your choice in the phone's internal storage. 

Following these simple steps you can save the Photos and Videos of WhatsApp statuses of someone's else.

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