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Modern Slavery: Pakistan Ranked Among 10th Worst Countries – Movingtrend

27 Jul, 2018 535 0
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Modern Slavery: Pakistan Ranked Among 10th Worst Countries – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Thursday July 26, 2018

Pakistan placed at 8th position among the top 10 worst countries list for Modern Slavery. The report is based on different factors and conditions that restricted the people to abandon normal lives.
Pakistan listed as 8th worst countries for Modern Slavery.

Pakistan listed as 8th worst country for the modern slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index 2018. The modern slavery survey report is prepared by Walk Free Foundation (a human rights group), the report pointed out different aspects and conditions that force people to left their normal lives.

The researchers who composed modern slavery index highlighted and included the factors like repressive regimes and conflicts to reach a final decision. The research expanded around 167 countries, the worst country in term of modern slavery was North Korea. Pakistan was not positioned well and puts among the worst top ten countries.

The report was not only compiled on the bases of countries data but it also composed continent wise as well. Africa has been estimated worst continent in terms of Modern Slavery following Asia.

Report also mentioned the fact of conflict in countries and stated, ”Many of the countries with the highest estimated levels of prevalence are marked by conflict – Eritrea, Burundi, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Pakistan all appear among the 10 countries with highest prevalence.”

Top 10 Worst Countries for Modern Slavery
The countries with highest share of moder slavery are as follows:
1. North Korea
2. Eritrea
3. Burundi
4. the Central African Republic
5. Afghanistan
6. Mauritania
7. South Sudan
8. Pakistan
9. Cambodia
10. Iran

The report mentioned that about 8 million people out of India’s population of 1.3 billion are subjected to modern slavery. It is big digit of people that have victimed to modern slavery in any country. A big share has given to Nigeria, Pakistan, North Korea and China; almost 60 percent people subjected to modern slavery. Slavery is a worldwide issue, and it is very difficult to collect data about Arab countries and several other regions.

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