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Election Season in Pakistan: Ali Gul Pir and Pindi Boys Themed Songs to Portray Politicians – Movingtrend

24 Jul, 2018 820 2
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Election Season in Pakistan: Ali Gul Pir and Pindi Boys Themed Songs to Portray Politicians – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Tuesday July 24, 2018

As the Election 2018 is just a day away; number of celebrities coming forward and urge the people to vote. The Ali Gul Pir and Pindi Boys released the songs titled ‘Paris’ and ‘Hun Bus’ respectively to add more spice at Political situation of Pakistan.
Election 2018 Pakistan – Just a Day away.

As the number of Celebrities coming forward and encourage the people to vote for bringing a change for the prosperity of Pakistan. A renowned comedian Ali Gul Pir has released his newest track titled ‘Paris’ to satire the politicians who promised to transform Pakistan cities like foreign cities. But the promises are not accomplished, the lyrics of the song are perfect dose to mock the politicians for their transformation of cities and slogans of availability of Justice for all.

The lyrics of song titled ‘Paris’ mocking the Punjab Chief Minister as ”Sheher ko Paris bana den, khilayi makhlooq hain pyare”, and “Kuch to vote laga de, mujhe bas PM bana de” hit the mark.


Ali Gul Pir told the Express Tribune about the political situation of the country, ”It’s highlighting the worst kind of negativity that we are surrounded by and up against. It’s a commentary on the political situation of our country.” He added, ”We should all go out and vote and not sit at home. A lot of people don’t agree with the political leaders and the democratic ideas that we have but this is all we have and we have to find a way and work with it. So the message is to go out, vote and do your part.”

The ‘Jasim and Pindi Boys‘ who contested the last year ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ is also released a song titled ‘Hun Bas’. The song is exposing the aggression of youth about the political chaos in Pakistan. The lyrics of the song are “Kab tak chalega aise rahega, uthega akhir kab yeh kaarvan, bahega khoon bahega, sahega zulm ki yeh zubaan ”


Jasim Haider told The Express Tribune, ”This is not a typical Pindi Boys composition. It’s a song about political situation in Pakistan and the youth being sick of what’s happening around us.” He further told that we wrote firstly ab bas but changed it into Punjabi Hun Bas to strengthen the aggression expression.

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