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Microsoft, Razer Collaborate for Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support – Movingtrend

27 Jun, 2018 477 0
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Microsoft, Razer Collaborate for Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Wednesday June 27, 2018

Many resources reports suggest that Xbox One will have Keyboard and mouse support early in future. Microsoft is very anxious about this development, now it is the time to take further step to make it possible collaborating with the Razer.
Microsoft partnered with Razer enable its Chroma RGB lighting Support.
Microsoft has joined hands with the Razer to enable Chroma RGB lighting support in Xbox games. Chroma will let the players to have range of colors light up on a Keyboard. This feature is helpful for identifying the Cooldowns in games like Overwatch, it provides visual cues in games. Microsoft is started to brief the developers about the upcoming support earlier this year.

At the annual Xfest event, Microsoft has started to brief its developers. The Verge has confirmed the Microsoft and Razer partnership. The Razer will let the game developers to tap into its API to bring the use of Chroma RGB Lighting effects into games. If the work is done as per plan then the Xbox One users will receive this lighting effects with the Microsoft’s fall update.

This additional keyboard and mouse support is welcomed by the Xbox users, but some questioned about it impact on multiplayer games. Microsoft is allocating developers to find whether a keyboard and mouse is exist on Xbox One, and the games could only match with similar equipped players.

The Microsoft will get support for all types of USB mice plus wireless dongles and exit the support of Bluetooth and custom drivers initially. And one more, Microsoft is also working on New API that will allow the developers to find and block the accessories that not fairly mimic controller actions.

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