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ECP Declares the Assets of Top Pakistani Politicians – Movingtrend

24 Jun, 2018 662 0
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ECP Declares the Assets of Top Pakistani Politicians – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Friday June 22, 2018

Recently Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) has shared the assets of the prominent leaders of the Pakistan.
Poor Nation – Rich Politician
The assets list contains the leaders name like Former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz.

Maryam Nawaz Assets worth Rs845 million:
According to the Maryam Nawaz documents her total assets – verified from June 30 for the financial Year of 2017 are worth of Rs 845,953,559. Maryam Nawaz has contested the Election from the constituencies of Lahore named NA-125, NA-127, PP-173. She is shareholder of Chaudhry Sugar Mills Limited, Hamza Spinning Mills Limited, Muhammad Buksh Textile Mills Limited, Hudabiya Papers Mills Limited and Hudabiya Engineering Co Private Limited.
Maryam owns 1506 kanals of irrigation land, and agriculture land increased by 548 kanals in the last three years. She has spent almost Rs 6.4 million on foreign trips. She spent Rs3.4 million in her family’s flour mills and gave a loan to the Soft Energy worth of Rs7 million. Hasan Nawaz, her brother gave her the loan of Rs20 millions. Maryam Nawaz has received Rs40 millions as gift and owned the jewellery worth of Rs1.7 million.

Asif Ali Zardari Assets worth Rs758 million
The former President of Pakistan and co-chairman of PPP owns the assets of Rs758,669,073. Last year, Asif Ali Zardari paid the taxes of Rs26,32,490. Politician earned from agriculture Rs134,016,650, and his earning from other business are almost worth of Rs97,51,400.

Imran assets worth Rs38.6 million
According to the document submitted to the ECP, Imran Khan owns the assets of worth Rs38.6 million. PTI Chief Imran Khan earned Rs4,776,611. The documents unveil the details of Imran’s earnings from agriculture, salary and bank profit. Imran paid the taxes of Rs303,763 in last year.
Imran Khan is the owner of 168 acres land. Imran Khan spend Rs240,000 on three-day trip of United Kingdom. He does not own any business in Pakistan or abroad, and he owns 14 properties in Pakistan according to the document. Document stated that the wife Bushra Bibi and his two sons have been listed as his dependent. Document revealed that his sons are not financially dependent.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi Assets Worth Rs283.6 million
According to the document submitted to ECP, Qureshi and his dependents have foreign accounts. A copy of document which is provided to shows that Qureshi has 88,000 pounds in London bank and his spouse has 26, 512 pounds in foreign bank account.
Qureshi owns two houses in Multan, one in Lahore and one in Islamabad. He owns two plots in DHA Bahawalpur and one flat in Lahore.
The Qureshi's house worth Rs5,757,000 in Dolat Gate area. The house in Gulberg, Lahore worth Rs65 million and the house in Islamabad F7's area worth Rs34.7 million. PTI leader gifted the house of worth Rs10 million to his son. Qureshi has also gifted six marla plot in Taj Bagh area of Lahore to his wife and two plots worth Rs5.2m, in DHA Bahawalpur. Qureshi's spouse keeps the prize bonds of worth Rs50.5m.
Qureshi owns the jewllery of worth Rs7.0m and used vehicle of worth Rs14.7m. He uses the furniture of worth Rs2m.

This list will be enhanced as the ECP revealed the asset of the other top politicians of Pakistan. Stay with us for more.

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