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Westworld Season 2 Trailer is out – Movingtrend

5 Feb, 2018 777 0
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Westworld Season 2 Trailer is out – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Monday February 5, 2018

First teaser trailer for the Westworld season 2 is released by the HBO. The trailer duration is one and half minute accompanied by a piano cover version of Kayne.
Westworld season 2 release on 22 April
HBO has released the first teaser trailer for the Westworld season 2 which aired during the 2018 Super Bowl. The trailer begins with the voice-over of the Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), ” We built this world together, a world where dreams come true.” Wide open landscape shots replaced by herd of Android bulls charging at men with guns, and landscape showing nothing but a giant screen advertising Westworld. And she said, ”This world deserves to die”


We get sight of the other cast members like Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), Man in Black (Ed Harris), Logan (Ben Barnes), and Clementine (Angela Sarafyan).

”From the ashes, build a new world. and finally finishes with the announcement of ”Our World”.Jonathan Nolan is directed the first teaser. The trailer is in slow-moving approach. Westworld season 2 is slated to release on April 22.

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