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Anushka Sharma’s Movie ‘PARI’, 2nd Trailer is out and Scarry – Movingtrend

3 Feb, 2018 941 0
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Anushka Sharma’s Movie ‘PARI’, 2nd Trailer is out and Scarry – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Saturday February 3, 2018

The 2nd trailer of Pari is out, and scarry enough. If the 1st trailer is not proved enough to chill you, then watch the 2nd absolutely it will.
Pari – Not a fairy Tale, it has been shown vividly in Trailers
Pari is the supernatural bolly horror movie, and its second teaser has been released to give you the hints about the movie terrifying and creepy plot. Lifeless Anushka Sharma lying in bed with scarry and surprised look on her face, as cartoons play on TV.

Let’s view the 2nd trailer of Pari.

The Camera is slowly exposing her injured arms and legs, and both are chained. And when camera spotted her feet, weirdly her nails start growing, and it is the only moment, which disclosed that she is lifeless, but scary enough.

Pari’s 1st teaser is enough to give us nighmares, as 18-seconds teaser of film features close-up of Anuskha and she turns out to be more bloody and grisly, with bloodshot eyes. She has the same expression throughout the teaser.

Let’s view the 1st trailer of Pari.

The film tag is “Not the fairytale”, absolutely not trailer has been shown. Pari is slated to release on Holi festival of Hinduism, March 2.

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