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Award For Best Animated Feature Film Wins by Pixar’s Coco – Movingtrend

8 Jan, 2018 1522 0
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Award For Best Animated Feature Film Wins by Pixar’s Coco – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Monday January 08, 2017

The award of the best animated feature film wins by the ‘Pixar’s Coco’ at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, United States.
Pixar’s Coco is the Highest-Grossing Film in Mexico ever

75th Golden Globe Award held in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday night in the US, and the best animated feature film award grabbed by the Pixar’s Coco. The film plot is revolve around a boy who was dreamed of to become the musician. But by the twist of fate, he ends up at the land of the dead during an annual festival Dia de los Muertos.

Other nominations are The Boss Baby, The Breadwinner, Ferdinand, Loving Vincent, Coco, and Pixar’s Coco is nominated as the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year 2017.

About Coco:
Pixar’s Coco has become the first highest-grossing film ever and Coco grossed $589 million internationally. This animated film was made with budget of of $175-200 million. This film is noteworthy with the nine-digit budget.

Film Cast:
Pixar’s Coco has all Latino cast names are Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Anthony Gonzalez, Alanna Ubach, and Renee Victor among others. This film is directed by the Lee Unkrich who is famous for the Toy Story 3 and wins the Oscar Award. And now he is working for Toy Story 4.

Pixar’s Coco film is good celebration of the family and provides appealing visual treat from start to end. It is an enhancement for your imagination and dreamy life, neat and clean graphics with appealing color resolution.

Remember Me’is song from the Coco film that is also nominated for the Best Original Song category but from The Greatest Showman wins the best song award.

Watch the movie Trailer, and Applause for the Visual Treat.

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