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LHC rule to releasing Hafiz Saeed will create chaos, says Punjab Government - Movingtrend

12 Sep, 2017 1782 1
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LHC rule to releasing Hafiz Saeed will create chaos, says Punjab Government - Movingtrend

Dawn - Tuesday September 12, 2017

The releasing of the Chief of Jamaat-ud-dawa Hafiz Saeed will create chaos in Punjab province, The Punjab home Ministry explain to the Lahore High Court.

Lahore High Court , during the hearing Saeed A.K Khokhar claim that the house arrest of the JuD Chief was illegal and groundless. And it is the responsibility of the LHC to rule in favour of Hafiz Saeed, and remove the detention order. Saeed A.K Khokhar claimed, "The defendant was put under house arrest after the US threatened to cut Pakistan's aid, it was done without any cases being registered against him."

In response to the argument of the Saeed A.K Khokhar indicated that the defendant's lawyer had given no any reference about the US pressure to put Hafiz Saeed in house arrest. Judges added that the defendant's lawyer application is based on the trimming and cropping of the news.

The Punjab home ministry on other hand is upset about the releasing of the Hafiz Saeed. The Ministry had written a reaction to the Lahore High Court that the detention of the Hafiz Saeed is according to the anti-terrorism laws. The response also included the report of the police and counter terrorism department's operational branch. The reaction is presented before the court.

The reply is also mentioned that the members of the JuD are involved in collecting the skins of the animals in three days of the Eid-ul-Azha. The cases are registered against the members of the JuD. Party is also alleged to collect funds against the provincial ministry's orders. The reaction is also pointed out the ECP orders to remove the picture of Hafiz Saeed from promotional posters of the NA-120 to JuD political wing Milli Muslim League (MML).

After mentioning all the facts, the final statement of the reply is about the Hafiz Saeed releasing from house arrest pointed out that it will create chaotic situation in the Punjab.

After hearing the both sides claim the court order the defendant's lawyer to give more argument in next adjournment in September 15.

According to Section 11-EEE(1) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1977 the Hafiz Saeed had put in house arrest, the orders issued by the provincial authorities on January 01.

United States and India alleged the Hafiz Saeed for the planning of the 2008 Mumbai attack. Mumbai attack killed 166 people. But JuD Chief frequently denied from the participation in Mumbai attack.

United States in 2012 published a reward of $10 million Dollars on Hafiz Saeed about his declared role in attack which killed six Americans.

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