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Selly.PK: Groceries Supplied at Your Doorstep in Lahore - Movingtrend

23 Dec, 2017 1527 1
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Selly.PK: Groceries Supplied at Your Doorstep in Lahore - Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Saturday December 23, 2017

Selly.PK is the new grocery supplier platform, which now has begun function in Lahore, Pakistan. It is the online delivery Grocery service that will provide you the best quality fruits and vegetables at your threshold.
About Selly.Pk

Selly is a symbol of swift delivery of Premium Quality Fresh Fruits and Vegetables city-wide. We are dedicated to meet the daily grocery needs of our valued customers. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables across the Country.

Especially city like Lahore the buyers buy their fruits and vegetables from the street vendors or of course from the big shops.
The first method to bargain over the price and quality of the grocery, and in 2nd option from big shop customers buy the overpriced products.
Now, in these choices Selly.PK is providing you the third option to check out their deals online and buy what is exactly you required at your doorstep. The premium quality fruits and vegetables are available in good prices.

Selly.PK is supplying the timely delivery of the products in affordable prices. It is priority of the online grocery shop to make the faster delivery. This online service is aiming to make the timely deliveries across all Lahore.


The online service like Selly.PK is useful for the customers like me, who has spent lot of time asking to brothers, please bring pomegranate for me. And brother replied okay, I’ll will bring it after 2 hours. And then he went out from the house definitely like others he forgot. So, Selly.PK is providing me the service to independently order and get the grocery of your own choice without any delay. It is good step to make the Pakistan online. Mum, Please go online

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