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Communicational Cohesion – Let’s know what is it? – Movingtrend

24 Dec, 2017 762 0
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Communicational Cohesion – Let’s know what is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Sunday December 24,2017

Communicational cohesion is also named as Informational Cohesion. Operations/ Functions of the module are performed on the same data.
Myth: The functions of the module are joined together to refer same data structure.

In Communicational Cohesion all the parts/ functions of the module joined hands together to operate on the same data or data structures.
What is same data structure?
The same data structures are like an Array or Stack. Array: It is a collection of data items all are of the same type. Stack: It stores data in specific order.

So, it is clear that both of the structures store the data in some type of structures. Structures of the data are manipulated by the some defined functions. Like in Arrays read, write, insert, delete etc are the functions to manipulate the data which is stored in a structure.
And structure like Stack, the order of the data to store is highlighted. In Stack, there are two prominent functions are implemented Pop and Push.

Let’s suppose there is an Array name Student, it stores the data about the student using functions like AdmitStudent, EnterMarks, Print Grade Sheet, Enter Fee, all the data will be stored in an Array named Student Record, and this record will be defined within a module.

Now, if someone needs to know the record of the student name xyz, will get the information of his/her requirement by operating some functions on the same student record. And the result will be produced.

Operations or tasks will be performed on the same data. And all the functions of the module united together to refer or update the same data structures. As the operations refer or update the Array or Stack data structures.

Module performs series of actions and all actions are performed same data.
All the operations performed on the same data.
All processes that communicate with each other are united as a module.
All the elements and parts of the module operate on the same data.
Communicational Cohesion is a medium level cohesion.

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