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Procedural Cohesion – Let’s know what is it – Movingtrend

11 Nov, 2017 896 0
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Procedural Cohesion – Let’s know what is it – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Saturday November 11, 2017

Elements or parts of the module are arranged together to follow a clear sequence of execution to perform a task is referred as the Procedural Cohesion. Let’s try to elaborate this statement.
Elements of Module are grouped to perform a task

The collection of the functions which are operate on different data [means data received from different sources and manipulated according to the certain functionality, e.g to generate an article bill, operator first do login(), then placeorder(), then print bil(), then logout(), user login Information is different from the PlaceOrder information. ] but the execution or flow is sequential.

It means different activities are grouped together to achieve an objective or you can interpret it as unrelated functions grouped together to perform a certain job. The most common example of the procedural cohesion is algorithm for decoding message.

Why the Procedural Cohesion is different from the Sequential Cohesion

The Procedural cohesion grouped different function together to accomplish an objective but on other hand the Sequential Cohesion is exactly like the sequence of integers [1,2,3,4, … ]. When you talking about the sequence then 1 comes before 2 , and there is no way the two comes before 1. The Sequential Cohesion are grouped related activities. The output of one activity is the input of the other activity and if the sequence is disturbed no next activity executed.

Procedural Cohesion grouped unrelated activites to perform an objective, Sequential Cohesion grouped related activities to perform an objective if the sequence of activity is interrupted then the next activity will not executed.

Procedural cohesion is fundamentally a Temporal Cohesion but with some additional restrictions. Added Restriction: means all parts of the module agree to a related sequence in the program.

At very minuscule level the input function, output function, and processing function on data, is the example of the Procedural cohesion. The three functions perform different task but are placed in single Module.

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