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Why Software Crisis – Let’s know What is it? – Movingtrend

10 Oct, 2017 2103 0
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Why Software Crisis – Let’s know What is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Tuesday October 10, 2017

Whenever we talked about the Software Crisis, there is the comparison in Hardware and Software cost. Relative cost is the terminology which is commonly used between software and hardware. Software development cost increases and hardware cost declined day after day. Hardware stuff is going to be cheaper and cheaper.

Large amount of the budget is spending on the development of the software projects, which results in the expensive Software Product. The delivered Software Products are given a lot of limitations in the form of failure rate, unreliability, and incomplete user requirements.

A drawback of the Software Product, it is very tough to make changes, debug, and addition of the new features in the existing Software Product. Cost of the Software Product is sky-high, and the development is ineffective. The use of the resources is improper or mismanage, which result in time-consuming output.

The problems of the Software Product crisis are never going to be end. It includes the less skilled staff, low development output, improper training of Software Engineering. These all elements result in low quality software Product with increased crashed rate, and prone to bug development.

Why Software Crisis User OF Software Why Software Crisis Developer of Software
Cost is high. Lack of Co-ordination among team of working people.
Bugs and errors in Software Products Portability issues : Plateform issues
Hardware has become cheaper. Compatibility problems:
Customer stories or Specifications are not properly accomplished. Pirated issues of the Software.
No maintenance
Documentations issues

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