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Software Requirements Specification | SRS – Let’s know what is it? – Movingtrend

19 Oct, 2017 424 0
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Software Requirements Specification | SRS – Let’s know what is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Thursday October 19, 2017

The requirements Specification task is started when all types of doubts and incompleteness about the customer requirements is settled. This activity is the beginning which converts the User Requirements into Software Product. This stage is arranged or structured the user requirements in proper format, which is helpful in designing decisions. This task is the component of the requirement gathering and analysis phase. The organized document which is created by this activity is called the SRS Document or Software Requirements Specifications.

The elements of the SRS or Software Requirements Specification document are :

1. Functional Requirements
2. Non-Functional Requirements
3. Goals of Implementation

Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements have shown the operational performance of the System. It shows the working of the System. It takes the input data from the users and gives the output according to the related input. Each system is comprised of set of functions which are called High level functions symbolized as fi. These high level functions performed meaningful operations for the users. Simply it is the working part of the any software system.

Non-Functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements of software System could not related to the operative performance of the system, it never concerned with the input of data and its parallel output information. It concerned with the features which cannot be stated as the functional requirements. It is about the maintainability of the system, exactness of the system, interaction with the system or interfaces, constraints or limitation of the system. Non-functional requirements are systems qualities or descriptions. It deals with the portability of the system, usability of the system etc.

Goals of Implementations

It is about the future planning of the system, which is not relevant to the current specifications or the need of the user requirements. This is the vision of the development team for the changing mode of technology, in the form of new hardware, or the software features. This aspects of the SRS is increased the reliability and reusability of the document.

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