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Coincidental Cohesion – Let’s Know what is it? – Movingtrend

28 Oct, 2017 804 0
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Coincidental Cohesion – Let’s Know what is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Saturday October 28, 2017

Coincidental Cohesion is the result of the unplanned and accidental collection of the functions. Random or accidental collection means loosely cohesive elements of the modules. It is the division of the problem in modules for the sake of the module; it is not the division for the sake of the complexity breaks down of the problem. That’s why it is considered as loosely related set of tasks to perform a job.

Myth: Let’s take the example of the Cricket to explain the coincidental cohesiveness :

When team failed to win a match, then their performance is critically evaluated by the experts. Poor bowling by the bowlers of the looser team, and edge is given to the opponent due to the bad fielding of the looser team fielders. Bad fielding contains dropped catches, missing run outs, missing stumps out, easy boundaries etc. So it is the loosely cohesiveness of the looser team bowlers and fielders performance. It is an example of the low cohesiveness. Coincidental Cohesiveness is classified as low cohesive type of the cohesion.

1. A module is performed a set of tasks that related to each other very loosely.
2. In coincidental Cohesion module contains a random collection of functions, which are less related to each other.
3. In coincidental Cohesion module parts are grouped illogically or arbitrarily.
4. Different operations in Co-incidental module performed different jobs or activities.
5. It is difficult for the programmers to implement such unplanned and confused documented modules implementation.

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