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Exploitation of Someone’s Personal Data Leads to 2 Years in Jail and Rs 5 Million Fine – Movingtrend

9 Jul, 2018 203 1
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Exploitation of Someone’s Personal Data Leads to 2 Years in Jail and Rs 5 Million Fine – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Monday July 09, 2018

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has drafted “Personal Data Protection Bill 2018.” It has been proposed that illegal processing of Personal Data will lead two years punishment in Jail and Rs 5 Million fine.
Personal Data Protection Bill 2018

According to the ‘Personal Data Protection Bill 2018’ constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan ensures that the privacy of person, his/her home and their self-respect is their basic right under article 14. All stakeholders are invited to issue their recommendation on the proposed legislation.

The growth of Technology in our lives has become inevitable, on other side it has provided easy access for anyone personal or sensitive data. We heard a lot individual personal data processed and illegally used without his/her consent. Individual personal data used in blackmailing, crime and phishing scams. It is very important for the data collectors to ensure the privacy and protection of someone’s personal information.

If anyone keeps or discloses someone’s personal data, they will be in jail for one year and fined Rs 3 Million, if the release of personal data becomes the cause of any offense then fine will be Rs 5 Million. If the person is responsible to protect the data but he/she fail to do so, then the fine will be up to Rs 1 Million. If someone doesn’t follow the court order they will be fined five lac rupees.

If someone guided others to commit offense leading to data breach will be fined Rs 5 Million.

This Bill proved a milestone, as the breach of personal information has become norm. People exploit the personal information of others, blackmailing them and make them insecure.

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