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Clear Cache on iPhone Safari, Apps and Others – How to? Fix – Movingtrend

30 Jul, 2018 81 0
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Clear Cache on iPhone Safari, Apps and Others – How to? Fix – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Monday July 30, 2018

User can clear cache in Safari – default browser for iOS and individually from apps and at system level that may fix some issues.
You can Clear cache from Safari Browser and third-party apps.

Sometime we noticed that iPhone performance is slowing down, it’s very bizarre situation. Because we want some apps to openly urgently but the processing is slow. To tackle this situation, you might want to become the cleaner of smartphone cache. As we know there is no functionality available of Cache cleaner at System level on iOS. So, you can’t clean the cache at once. However, you can clean the cache individually from different apps. You can clear cache in Safari, clear cache from individual apps and some investigatin at system level settings.

Clear Cache from Safari For iPhone – How to? Fix
Safari is the default browser on iOS devices. Take a look how to clear your browse cache.
1. Go to Settings > and then Safari and tap Clear history and Website Data.
2. Once more time, tap Clear History and Website Data
3. if some kind of issues has been noted in particular website, then go to Settings > Safari > Advanced and then Website Data
4. Now, use the search bar at top to find the particular website, and when you find it Swipe left and then tap Delete. And the cache will clear for that particular site.

Clear Cache from Other apps on iPhones – How to? - Fix
No specific solution is available to clear cache from third-party apps. Some apps have an option to delete cache, but many app don’t have. So, if the apps are troubling you, one Golden rule is that, try deleting and reinstalling it. Best Engineering!!!!

Some other options to Clear Cache on iPhones – How to? - Fix
As the iOS don’t have system level cache cleaner, but if you find issues with software keyboard or Wi-Fi, iPhone operating system will provide you system level options to reset certain setting without wiping out all data from your iPhone.
1. To clear unused apps; Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and finally tap Enable next to Offload Unused Apps
2. To reset sytem settings; Go to Settings > General > Reset and finally select the appropriate option to accomplish the process.
3. Upload photo to iCloud and clear space on iPhone; Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and finally tap Enable next to Optimise Photos.

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