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PUBG has Declined half of its Players Since January – Movingtrend

26 Jun, 2018 106 0
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PUBG has Declined half of its Players Since January – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Tuesday June 26, 2018

PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds has highest number of players on Steam in January. But now 50% decline has been seen in PUBG on Steam.
In January PUBG has 3.2 million players on Steam.
According to data provided by the video game tracking sites, the PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds has lost half of its players on Steam. The loss of 50% players on Steam given a strange scenario, the game popularity was climbed sharply in China but now stopped. Are the gamers are waiting for free-to-play version or the local launch? No one Knows Exactly!!!

The peak value of PUBG was reported in January, 3.23 million. But decline found in month after month; the biggest drop was found in May almost 20%. According to the PUBG statement, it has hit 50 million units sold on PC and Xbox One. The game is not available for the most popular console PS4.

Fortnite: Being a Competitor
On other side, Fortnite proves to be biggest competitor for the PUBG and is available for all consoles like PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Reports suggest that the Fortnite has played its role to PUBG’s fall on PC. As the portable front concerns, then PUBG is available on Android and iOS , and Fornite is available on iOS and Nintendo Switch. Trading to Nintendo Switch, Fortnite observed 2 million download less than a day.

The reports reveal that PUBG is no more the leading icon in the Battle Royale genre, still it is the most played game on Steam. The Fortnite has proved to be super Free-to-Play competitor for the PUBG, has definite affect on the direction of the PUBG. This week Fornite has offered Event-Pass and new maps to which is design to offer faster-action.

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